About Us

We always personally test our tools on the job, over a period of time, to guarantee they can handle the unique demands of our trade.


We have been steel fixers in the swimming pool industry for 35 years.  Steel fixing tools are a specialty item, and we found it frustrating that there was no “one-stop shop” for these tools.  Also they were often exorbitantly priced.  So we began to import some for our own use, then as word spread about our quality tools, we began selling by word of mouth to other tradies looking for reasonably priced, quality tools.


After several years of “word of mouth” sales, demand became so great that we had to take it to the next level and set up an online store; Tanjatools, to cater to our growing customer base throughout Australia.


For several years we have been sourcing good quality and reasonably priced steel fixing tools.  This is an ongoing process.  After importing samples, we always personally test them on the job, over a period of time, to see if they can handle the unique demands of our trade.  Only if they measure up, and receive our “Tradies Approval” do we then release stock for sale on the Australian market.


We have a commitment to customer care, so if you have any specialised tool needs that you cant readily purchase on our site, or elsewhere, just let us know and we will do all we can to help.